Trimming Robotcell

Our latest developed trimming robotcell offers a solution for all of those who value quality, manufacturing flexibility and cost-effective task performance. Thanks to the modular design of the cell, it enables fast re-tooling, flexible product transition and programming. The cell can be configured according to individual demands, which can be expanded later, thanks to its standard mounting points. The standard cell is equipped with a seatable conveyor track and a belt conveyor. The jig can be done with a laser-cut plate. The placement of units within the cell be optimized on a product-by-product basis to minimize unnecessary movement. The equipment is completely closed, thus minimizing the release of flying dust and other materials outside the cell. When developing our solution, we aimed at building it from modular units, thus providing the possibility for easier feasibility of individual demands.


Main characteristics

  • Modular cell structure
  • Modular belt conveyor (storage)
  • Belt conveyor (excavation)
  • Full cover
  • Exhaust connection
  • Touch screen control
  • Custom length on / off barrel tracks
  • Higher load capacity
  • CE certification

Built-in units

  • Pneumatic milling motor
  • Electric milling motor
  • Belt sander
  • Camera inspection
  • Engraving
  • Extraction
  • Liquid cooling tools


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