The main activity of our company is the design and construction of individual machines and production lines with two decades of experience. In addition to mechanical design, we have also gained a lot of experience in the creation of complete control systems. The knowledge and experience of our experts, suppliers and partners ensures that we can meet our customers' requirements, even for the most complex tasks. Taking into account the spirit of today's world, we place great emphasis on integrating the requirements of Industry 4.0 at the highest level in the design of our machines.


These equipments are usually used to carry out a specific work process. Continuous communication with our customers is very important, because as the manufacturer of the semi-finished product, he has the most experience of the product to be manufactured. On the basis of this customer experience and the previous experience of our company, the equipment that meets all the specific needs is created.


Our company is constantly developing its own in-house automation components. A good proportion of these are also sold separately to integrator companies and end users. In the domestic market, we can increasingly observed that manufacturing companies have an in-house automation unit. We also want to support the work of these departments!


When it comes to automating several processes, we talk about automation. We place great emphasis on using the latest technological innovations.


Our robotisation solutions provide solutions for welding, machine tending, product palletising and all tasks that can be performed robotically. Based on the experience of our experts, we always offer the right solution for the customer's needs. In today's world there is a growing demand for the use of robotic technology, so we are constantly developing our solutions to be universally applicable, both from a software and mechanical point of view.


Our engineering team welcomes challenges to design complex systems. We have access to the most advanced design and simulation software, and we develop the skills of our colleagues through continuous training.


An installation is not worth much without a good control system. We also undertake the programming of individual machines, production lines and robots.


We also provide expert advice on the above activities!   


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